Get a Thorough Structural Property Inspection in Smithfield, VA and the Hampton Roads Metropolitan Area

A general inspection should be performed as part of every real estate transaction. If the inspectors find potential structural problems, our TRM & Associates, LLC team can adjudicate any concerns or provide recommendations for repair. We’re a professional engineering services firm that specializes in structural property inspections. Our work is backed by 16 years of experience assisting realtors in Smithfield, VA and the surrounding areas of Hampton Roads. Trust us to deliver prompt results to accommodate your closing dates.

Do You Need Help With Your Property Sale?

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As a real estate agent, you do whatever it takes to help your clients find the perfect home. That’s why a structural engineer is a great asset to your team! We can help you identify if an actual structural problem exists in the property. Don’t let thousands of dollars into remediating an issue that could have been potentially avoided by working with us.

We’re always on the lookout for:
  • Cracks
  • Foundation movement
  • Water or pest damage
  • Destruction to load-bearing elements
  • Sagging ceilings
  • Windows or doors that won’t close properly
  • And more!

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Help Your Clients Make the Right Move

The advantage of hiring a structural engineer cannot compare to the cost of repairing major structural issues in the future. Schedule your structural property inspection in or near Smithfield, VA, by calling us at (757) 453-4563. Don’t just sell properties; sell exceptional and memorable experiences.

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If you would like to speak directly with our structural engineers, call (757) 453-4563 or fill out our online contact form.